Friday, August 20, 2010

Upcoming Mountains

Have a few more hikes lined up before fall, and two of them could put me over the 10,000' mark. One of the possibles is Mt. McLoughlin near Medford. In one of the pics from the Mt. Scott trip, I had a perfect view of McLoughlin in the distance. At 9,344', Mt. McLoughlin is the 22nd tallest mountain in Oregon.

One definite on the schedule is a Mt. Adams preview the week of the 30th. Was already planning to run up to Wa. and see the folks after they get back from Alaska, and do a little pre-elk season trail clearing in one of my spots, so a visit to Mt. Adams is on the list as well. The plan is to head out early Monday morning from the folks place to the Cold Springs CG and head up the South Climb Trail at least to the Lunch Counter at 9,250. I don't think I'm near ready to make a summit attempt, but would really like to at least set foot on one of my main hiking goals that I want to summit within the next year. Closest I've been was back in 87 or 88 when dad and I hiked up from the Crofton Ridge trail to a bluff overlooking a boulder field that connected to the mountain. That was an impressive sight to see. Depending on how it looks, I might push to 10,000'.

The South Sister climb is the one I really want to accomplish by next month before the snow starts flying. South Sister is 10,318' and number 5 for Oregon. From there until you hit Hood at number one, the rest are pinacles off of Hood anyway that are more technical climbs. Until I'm in better shape and can afford climbing gear, I'm not even worried about anything I can't walk up.

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