Saturday, June 18, 2011

Urban Vs. Backcountry - A few observations.

1. Its extremely difficult to practice unconditional positive regard in the city. When I'm hiking, its way easier for me to yield on the trail going downhill and exhausted thinking to myself "they'll understand when they're exhausted and heading downhill" Vs. Trying very hard not to lose it when you keep dealing with people that don't understand merge, speed limits, all-way stops and turn signals.

2. People in the backcountry generally have a smile, look of contentment or determination on their faces. In the urban setting, people look pissed off most of the time and view anyone randomly smiling as "not quite all there" or possibly dangerous.

3. As I step out of the shower, I think about all the modern marvels of convenience in the urban setting, and how I love nothing more than to head to the backcountry and shut my phone off while sitting on a rock with no one around for miles.

4. In the urban setting, people type out their thoughts and broadcast them around the world at phenomenal speed. In the backcountry, they sit around the camp site and talk face to face with their voices only broadcasting around the valley. Their laughter may travel a little further. 

5. There are many skills you learn and practice in the backcountry you will never use in an urban setting. There are some skills you will learn and practice in an urban setting that you hope you NEVER HAVE to use in the backcountry. (Yep, I just finished my WFR class)

This is still a work in progress, more to come.

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